named after and influenced by her son who would balance on the seat of an old chair, its legs removed, while playing video games, 'fedro' is exactly that, a chair without legs designed by lorenza bozzoli. conceived for german furniture company dedon, the milanese fashion, textile and accessories designer's seating concept allows one to use their limbs and feet to control movement of the piece which is stabilized via two narrow skids. her first debut into the commercial furniture sector, bozzoli's low rocker is ideal for lounging around the house, sitting by the pool, relaxing at the beach... wherever you might take it whether for use indoors or out. it comes with a cushion for the head adding comfort,while a handle situated at the back of the design allows for easy transportation. 'fedro' is available in three color schemes which are based on tropical birds of latin america - the flamingo, colibrí and quetzal.






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