The living room: more reassuring expression of relaxation

Informal, flexible, technology and capable of expressing a strong personality: these are the characteristics of the house today, for the living area that favors large-scale sofas equipped to accommodate tools or objects of entertainment, but also can ensure absolute comfort in moments of talk and rest periods. The padded maintain the linear design and essential that he had imposed in the now outdated "was minimal" home, but at the same time smooth out the proper forms and expand volumes and depth of the sessions. The convenience evokes softness and freedom: the modular systems, with the versatility with which their elements can be placed, they can respond to different tastes and needs. Modules equipped with or without armrests, ottomans, reclining seats and stretched allow craere real comfortable islands in the living area. The true quality of an upholstered also depends on some aspects that are not immediately obvious: to make a good product competing technologies applied during processing, the materials chosen, and its structure. The padding should not be too soft, although able to accommodate the body, the seat cushions and backrest should ensure proper posture, the height should allow their feet and get up and sit comfortably.
The Edra collection 2004 wants to recreate the atmosphere thick and silent of an aquarium. The new pieces have taken shape as a metaphor for appearance. Fabrics to steal sea world musk colors and effects. On the Rocks, the large sofa by Francesco Binfaré, explores the endless possibilities of modularity. Consisting of four pieces of irregular shape, variously combined, upholstered polyurethane special softness, density and is equipped with mouldable, simply lean back and kept firm by non-slip material thermoformed disks. The fabrics, the result of a search in all fields in the textile sector by Monica Mazzei, belong to a specific chapter of the project. Made exclusively for the company, are meant to enhance the quality of materials and products.






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