New Luxury Home Fragrances from Culti Milano。Culti has developed an uncommon and elegant lifestyle project especially for people who appreciate unique & excellent yet simple objects. Founded by Alessandro Agrati the Culti brand evokes a world of exquisite luxury, offering a multisensory experience through fine fragrances. We are welcoming two ranges to Amara, the Stile and Decor lines of fragrance diffuser in a variety of scents. Stile fragrance oil is encased in frosted glass bottles with jacquard fabric labels and hand turned wooden lids. Each of these beautiful fragrance diffusers has been exclusively made in Italy by carefully selected craftsmen. Exquisitely packaged in stylish decorative tins they make ideal luxury gift ideas for any occasion. 

Each Culti diffuser offers continual perfume emitted into the room via the included rattan bamboo reed sticks, simply rotate to give reinvigorated scent at your discretion. The luxurious fragrance oil of the Decor range is encased in glass perfume bottles that then come beautifully packaged in a Culti gift box. Culti fragrances are uniquely formulated with a high percentage of ‘prisoner’ molecules, which hold within them the perfuming elements and gradually release them over time. The molecules are made up of a few carefully selected ‘pure’ elements, just as in the great tradition of Italian artistic perfumery.

噹噹噹~~好消息!! 雖然CULTI Milano香氛的門市價格實在不斐,還好V媽公司每個月都有固定的從歐洲選購傢俱飾品走貨櫃回台,其中當然也包含了各種不同香味的CULTI擴香,要是有興趣的朋友也歡迎聯絡V媽,好東西要與好朋友分享唷。CULTI官網: http://www.culti.it/








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