Gianni Versace Home in Miami Beach for sales - 2 億購入 9億裝潢 37億出售。The home which the legendary designer and founder of the Versace brand, Gianni Versace was shot outside in 1997 has been made available for $125million. The home adopts a style very synonymous with the Italian brand which Gianni designed for and would be the dream home of any true Versace fan. Up until now the home had been owned by Peter Loftin a telecommunications entrepreneur who turned the home into a private members club and boutique hotel while conserving many of the iconic features which Gianni Versace had implemented into the house when he moved in, in 1993. Although I love the exterior of the home, I find the interior far too over the top and extravagant for my tastes and I would find it far too disturbing living in the home where someone was murdered outside. The home itself is situated on the famed Ocean Drive in Miami Beach and has ocean views as the name suggests and is a very short walk to the beach. I would love to someday visit the home. Preferably in the near future. 







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