The brands of B & B Italia and Maxalto have put the company on the map in the world market of home furnishings. They offer a complete line of products for living rooms and bedrooms. Their products result from successful collaboration with well known names of world design. A number of talented designers joined their heads in order to give breathe life into unique bits of furniture. Design, research, creativity and technology developing simultaneously interprete the modern style in various fields: home and furniture, office furniture as well as furniture for public use.


B & B Italia is a justly recognized leader of modern interior design. The latest achievements and a century of Italian design are mirrored in the company products. An exclusive Italian sense of taste, vivid imagination, creativity and experience are the keys to the worldwide success of B & B Italia.


Piero Busnelli, founder of B & B, came to the paradox conclusion that it is only possible to catch up with the masters of the past by streaming into the future. A conservative in all that concerns high quality, Busnelli was a true innovator in relation to technology and a connoisseur of the avant-garde design. Naturally, his concept of the 'real' contemporary furniture has been rejected by the Cassina factory, but supported by the Italian bankers - the people who belonged to the circle, for which the real convenience was not as important as the beauty of the plan. So, the second letter "B" in the title is quite symbolic: until today, B & B tends to aim for symmetry and balance between art and reality, simplicity and sophistication, an exact calculation and the flight of imagination. 


B & B was made famous by legendary architects - Tobio Scarpa, Mario Bellini, Vico and Paolo Piva Madzhestratti. They view the desk, sofa or chair not only as a separate object but as part of a future spatial composition - which is why they easily find a place for it in the interior. One of the divisions of B & B Italia is Maxalto, founded more than 50 years ago.Name Maxalto (Ital. max alto) means "very high", thus clearly stating ideas and goals of the company. Maxalto collection includes three directions: THE SIMPLICE, APTA and AC, which introduced the concept of the famous Italian architect Antonio Citterio, whose work has attracted considerable interest. Each collection is an experimental fusion of contemporary and classic, with emphasis on natural materials: wood and leather, combined with steel, iron and glass. 


Sofas, chairs, tables and accessories with an exclusive finish and intricate detail, combining modernity with traditionalism are the hallmark of THE SIMPLICE. APTA collection offers a wide range of diverse furniture for the house in Art Nouveau style. This furniture includes simple shapes and lines which reflect complete harmony. Various types of wood, ranging from bright natural colors and warm colors, to black were used to decorate the furniture.AC collection of Maxalto by Antonio Citterio is based on a concept of home libraries and elite dining rooms, recreation rooms and bedrooms, realizing the idea of comfort. A number of famous people prefer the combination of tradition and modernity of Maxalto. The company is known worldwide by its special, traditional, time-tested furniture manufacture, using precious woods such as cherry and Italian and American walnut. 


Wide and harmonious implementation of leather, glass and metals are the reason for the longevity and quality of the products. Currently, Maxalto has firmly secured its position and represents a unique opportunity to create a special interior design. The company's products represented in the collection reflect the history of Italian furniture design over a long period of time.The color palette is different, but equally chic represented in beige, gray, brown, black shades and hues, close to the colors of nature: the whispering of the warm woods, fields or the land of high mountains.


Maxalto is gorgeous furniture, the preference which is not dictated by fashion but and state of mind.









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