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Minotti 1948年由Alberto Minotti創立,以米蘭作為基地,是一間擁有獨特內涵的頂級義大利傢俱公司,成立至今已 60 多年來一直堅持對高級品質及個性獨特的設計不懈追求,結合了歷史、精湛的傢俱製造技術、以及產品設計,終由一家規模細小的地區家品店發展成為現時著名的國際企業,銷售點遍佈全球61個國家,成績斐然。而Minotti 的風格也是簡單專注的,產品永遠集中在扶手椅、沙發和小型家具上,卻擁有著殿堂般的知名度,相當受到品味人士與名人的喜愛。

Recently we have posted about Italian company Minotti and its Clark collection of dinner table. Now we are pleased to show its Bresson collection of coffee tables, which has been also presented on Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009. Each of these tables has two level and thanks to that it is not only very stylish but also comfortable. Its top is made from obscured glass and can be round or rectangle shape. Lower level is organized by wooden shelf which is always round and is cool for storage different magazines and other stuff. Both these table’s elements are fixed on two elegant black-nickel finished frames. Combination of different materials and shapes is the main feature of this collection and gives it very beautiful and unique look. You could find more information about this collection on Minotti site.


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