Salone del Mobile. The Milan Design Week.

The week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan has arrived. The global economic times is incredible. Signs of recovery are seen now, especially in an industry, the furniture, which did not suffer much time as much as others, see what engineering for example. One moment, however this selection. Companies that had no clear plans or who have not invested in recent years are those that are paying more. The absence of names from the salon as "excellent" is one example. Nube offers a "modern feel" that combines sofas and tables of innovative design, high quality, originality and true comfort for the selective and demanding customer. Since 1958, in a market that has seen many changes, the desire to position itself in the high level of market is reflected in the choice of a cloud to be working with such famous architects, Carlo Colombo, Riccardo Bello Dias, Volpato Hatz, Philippe Nigro and Mauritius saved. The entire collection of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables are designed and produced taking into account the different lifestyles and different geographical position. Cloud considers the importance to offer the best and that is why he founded his success in combining modern living and convenience with years of experience and constant quality control of products. The cultural roots of the company include new technologies, performance and functionality, special requests, advanced materials and a competitive pricing policy. The main feature that distinguishes Cloud, are the structures in metal and wood to ensure durability over the years, the oversized to meet the needs of clients and the mechanism of this session in different models that transform the simple couch into a daybed.

The choice of the most interesting designers, quality of materials, attention to detail, research firm, the flexibility of stylistic solutions are the foundation of his success. Frighetto style is evolving: the desire for renewal, the value given to the space and the quest for an elegance combined with the functionality of the form testify the innovative spirit that underlies the company's philosophy. Furniture Frighetto reflect an international style and are designed for flexibility to be adapted to different tastes and needs. Thanks to this versatility and excellent design combined with series production, Frighetto products today are found in thousands of homes: from America to Australia, from Europe to the far East. Frighetto offers pieces of furniture for their formal innovation meet with style and elegance to the demands of an evolving market. The corporate philosophy emphasizes quality over all, through a constant research, attention to detail and finish, workmanship and the choice of the best materials. The brand Frighetto was protagonist of two selections to the Compasso D'Oro: 14TH Edition in 1987 with the modular Vela bookcase and the 19TH Edition in 2001 with Bilbao wardrobe. The compasso d'Oro ADI "award is the first and most authoritative European Prize, established in 1954. Born from an idea by Giò Ponti and the wishes of the Rinascente department stores, aims to value the quality of Italian design. Since 1964, is handled exclusively by the ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale).

Comfort is the freedom to be, the living room the remarkable everyday of our lives, home or stage between relaxation and relationships. A skin technology in padding is held taut by a light metal structure. From this idea by Patricia Urquiola, has produced a whole line of seats, air elastic surfaces providing comfort. Microfiber, leather or fabric: fluid forms and continuous profiles where the detail of a curve creates a design with no additions or accessories. Impeccable idling. The maximum size of a chaise-longue and the minimum dimensions of desk chair. The simplicity of solid colors or the surprise of upholstering. PAB is able to marry aesthetics and functionality through a series of containers and elements for day and night zones that can be placed on the ground or wall without compositional constraints. Born from an idea very simple-a sheet bent at right angles and supported by steel wires, able to become the library shelves – PAB has today evolved by adapting to current changes in lifestyle and in particular the evolution of home entertainment that marks much of life between the walls. The panels and shelves that define the formal rigor of .PAB you can now add a series of sliding doors that offer a viable solution to accommodate stationery as well as all types of audio-video equipment. Available in a wide range of finishes the doors can be lacquered or choices in a particular Crystal it impedes the signal from the remote control.


Woody is a stool that develops into the third dimension of a complex shape, despite being made from a simple form made of plywood. Two arms detach from sitting diagonal to go to support the steel tube that serves as a footrest. These lines give a strong oblique dynamism and an iconic aspect to the stool. Suited to contract domestic ones, which is available in different finishes and two version: various laminates create a contrast between the outside and the inside of the sitting. Designer Odoardo Fioravanti to Panchal.








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